Transform data into intelligent content

The final piece to move to individualization

Turn your mass marketing campaigns into individualized contents thanks to our AI-powered real-time content technology
to drive more 
engagement and revenue

Live Content Intelligence empowers marketing teams to individualize messages to each person, avoiding mass marketing campaign problem


Don’t treat your customers as segments, recognize your customers as individuals to deliver great customer experience

Dynamic Content Generation

Automatically create millions of 1:1 contents in real-time at the moment of reading for each individual without effort

Live Optimization

Make every email the best email with AI-powered real-time optimization to drive more revenue and engagement


Speak to each individual and see results

Increase revenue

Drive more revenue and higher customer lifetime value

Deliver best customer experience

More relevancy leads to more engagement and retention


Marketing team productivity

Spend less time deploying marketing
campaigns and focus on strategy

Last post

Can we change email content based on the subscribers’ context?

For those who still doubt it, it is possible to make contents in an email come alive without having to do almost nothing.

It’s time to move on to individualization