Roll out 1:1 individualization at large scale automatically to drive revenue

Make every email you send tailored to the individual. Take the guesswork out of your campaigns and create content that resonate individually to your customers.

Live Content Intelligence is propelled by a smart technology that leverages any kind of data to generate individualized content in real-time at the moment of open. Message contents are updated dynamically and automatically when emails are opened to offer the right content at the right time to each single person.

Turn your mass marketing campaigns into individualized messages

To deliver truly individualized experiences, you need far more real-time information to tailor experiences to each individual. Leverage your CRM, behavioral, contextual and external data in real-time to transform your mass email campaigns into highly individualized content.

Dynamic creative optimization:
create millions of individualized content automatically

Individualization is much more involved, requiring a lot of time, effort, and resources to create content. Our dynamic content creation engine automatically generates your individualized content in real-time at the moment of open from any data source.

Increase engagement with AI-powered real-time optimization

Our AI-based technology calculate and cater in real-time after sending the message. Our algorithms predict different contents at each open and analyse each recipient behavior in real-time to automatically identify the most effective content and display it on the following openings to optimise engagement.