Top 5 tips to adopt before sending your emails

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we have prepared 5 essential tips to create memorable emails.

There is nothing better than seeing in action what can increase your conversion and engage your recipients.

Share your customers’ opinions at the open time of the email, display the most efficient product combination and much more to generate high revenues and gain retention

Empower content by aggregating & empowering key business date.

Make email unique. Focus on what is valuable to your recipients. 




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Empower your content to turn all your recipients into loyal customers. 

Become an expert in one-to-one email

Become an expert in one-to-one email

From setting objectives to creating an individualized area, follow our 4 steps to give your content the power to attract the attention of your recipients.

Black Friday & emailing strategy

Black Friday & emailing strategy

The introduction of 1:1 customers relationships, as a result of the shift from massive emails campaigns to individualized content, brings CX into the tailor-made category.

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