The future of marketing campaigns will be based on individualization

Individualization is a businesswide strategy, not a marketing tactic.
Reelevant goes beyond personalization. It’s no longer about building segments and creating business rules, it’s about to speak to each individual in real-time. Live Content Intelligence goes beyond anything you’ve seen before.


Content drives email performances by triggering interactions. By adapting contents to each person thanks to individualization, Live Content Intelligence increases these interactions and thereby improves engagement.


Our real-time technology exploits data at the moment of open in less than 100 milliseconds to instantly generate millions of individualized contents, unnoticeable to the naked eye.


The individual is at the heart of our 1:1 platform.
We consider that each your clients and prospects as a unique individual rather than a member of a segment, so that we can offer him the best content.


Rich real-time data is the key to message individualization. The power of Live Content Intelligence derives from its ability to leverage any data (context, customer, behavior, product feed, etc.) to predict and create the most relevant content to each person.